How I got here.

juicy details

SAP Design

Head Content Strategist, GTM, SAP Design (2017)

Led content strategy for the newly established SAP Design. Refreshed core messaging. Helped develop brand extension. Co-project management for build out of key digital assets like websites. Defined social media strategy, strategy for content like case studies. Chief copy writer. Oversaw content creation efforts. Co-led PR/marketing efforts.

Head Content Strategist, Design & Co-Innovation Center, SAP Design (2016)

Worked with high-profile, high-powered SAP clients on strategic co-innovation initiatives. UX researcher and content strategist on award-winning projects. Drove thought leadership initiatives, created and co-authored key thought leadership content. Led the team’s global content and social media strategy.


Stand up on a surf board

“Coach” group of Stanford undergraduates working on a design-led innovation project


Win a slew of design awards (incl. Red Dots!); do my part to make enterprise software sexy

Live "the life" as a globetrotting, freelancing digital nomad 


Marketing Director (2014-2016)

Tour the N. American Great Plains with a big branded yardstick.


Led initiative to re-imagine the way people receive, interact with and consume AgResource’s digital products. Developed new brand identity, led content, marketing, PR efforts. Co-designed new website and backend content management system. The result redefined, rejuvenated and repositioned the company to compete for a larger pool of potential clients. Seven months after launch, the company saw:


Tackle first major project

  • 21% increase in paying readership

  • 1,650% increase in web traffic

1) Co-run NGO that let me 2) travel the world setting up computer labs and 3) write about food + tech, all while 4) helping bridge the digital divide

University of Wisconsin-Madison

BA, Human/Economic Geography (2010-2014)

BA, Politics and Policy in the Global Economy (2010-2014)


Co-author paper with Rio de Janeiro-based BRICS Policy Center exploring Chinese influence in Africa

Explore Brazil's favelas (with military escorts)


National youth correspondent during 2012 US Pres election


Win National "Best in Show" award while News Editor for The Daily Cardinal

Who I am.

What I believe.

I’m an optimist.

I’m a realist.

I’m a conscious capitalist.

I’m an enterprise designer.

I’m a maker and a shaker.

I’m an asset.

I’m a generalist.

I’m a design thinker.

I’m a communicator.

I believe we have an opportunity to design a truly better future for everyone.

I believe enterprise is the most powerful force on earth.

I believe businesses now, at long last, are incentivized to do good.

I believe good design is good for people is good for business.

I believe in making things that shake the world--responsibly, of course.

I believe even the best ideas flop when messaging, content, and brand fall short.

I believe today’s complex problems need nuanced, cross-disciplinary solutions.

I believe innovation isn’t just about tech, but finding compelling ways to use it.

I believe in finding the essence of what you do, articulating why it matters, and delivering the message to the right people in the right places at the right times.

My strengths.

brand strategy
content strategy
design thinking
project management
design research
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