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How I got here.


(FKA Facebook)

Product Manager (2021-2023)

Conceived, oversaw development and managed evolution of innovative, personalized experiences that have been used by tens of millions of users and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental revenue. These include: a personalized, omnipresent "digital assistant" that flags important actions and helps businesses easily take them; an AI-powered guidance framework--a dynamic “business plan”--that helps organizations accomplish their goals; machine learning algorithms and placements that recommend the most relevant content for any given user.



Receive Facebook's top performance rating--awared to only 2% of employees--for the second time.

Get married!

Buy a house!


Adopt a dog!

First time applying machine learning to one of my experiences.


Digital Strategist (2020-2021)


Led strategy for an overhaul of the Meta for Business ecosystem to be more unified, personalized and actionable. The reimagined experience led to a ≈20% increase in meaningful, business-impacting engagements, a ≈15% increase in return visits and significant internal efficiencies.

Led Meta for Business’ digital marketing COVID response, including the conception and development of a digital hub with resources to help businesses respond to the pandemic.

Managed GTM strategies for and execution of product updates, including new commerce solutions and tools for businesses and creators on Instagram.

Lead digital strategy for Meta for Business' COVID-19 response.

Oversee the overhaul of the Facebook for Business digital ecosystem, used by.over 20 million people every month.

Reimagine the help center experience for businesses using Facebook.



Receive Facebook's top performance rating--awared to only 2% of employees--for the first time.

Content Strategist (2017-2020)

Designed experiences and developed content that helped millions of small businesses, creators and publishers thrive on Facebook and Instagram. Led strategy to unify and optimize Meta’s business-focussed help centers and digital learning experiences. Contributed to user experience and content strategy for the Creator Studio business product.


Present to hundreds of cross-industry professionals at several Facebook-sponsored events around the world.

Adopt a cat!

Stand up on a surf board


Head Content Strategist, GTM, SAP Design (2017)


Led content strategy for the newly established SAP Design. Refreshed core messaging. Helped develop brand extension. Co-project management for build out of key digital assets like websites. Defined social media strategy, strategy for content like case studies. Chief copy writer. Oversaw content creation efforts. Co-led PR/marketing efforts.

“Coach” group of Stanford undergraduates working on a design-led innovation project

Head Content Strategist, Design & Co-Innovation Center, SAP Design (2016)

Worked with high-profile, high-powered SAP clients on strategic co-innovation initiatives. UX researcher and content strategist on award-winning projects. Drove thought leadership initiatives, created and co-authored key thought leadership content. Led the team’s global content and social media strategy.


Win a slew of design awards (incl. Red Dots!); do my part to make enterprise software sexy

Live "the life" as a globetrotting, freelancing digital nomad 


Marketing Director (2014-2016)

Led initiative to re-imagine the way people receive, interact with and consume AgResource’s digital products. Developed new brand identity, led content, marketing, PR efforts. Co-designed new website and backend content management system. The result redefined, rejuvenated and repositioned the company to compete for a larger pool of potential clients. Seven months after launch, the company saw a 21% increase in paying readership and a 1,650% increase in web traffic.


Tour the N. American Great Plains with a big branded yardstick.

Tackle first major project

1) Co-run NGO that let me 2) travel the world setting up computer labs and 3) write about food + tech, all while 4) helping bridge the digital divide

University of Wisconsin-Madison


BA, Human/Economic Geography (2010-2014)

BA, Politics and Policy in the Global Economy (2010-2014)


Co-author paper with Rio de Janeiro-based BRICS Policy Center exploring Chinese influence in Africa

Explore Brazil's favelas (with military escorts)

National youth correspondent during 2012 US Pres election



Win National "Best in Show" award while News Editor for The Daily Cardinal


Who I am.

What I believe.

I’m an optimist.

I’m a realist.

I'm a conscious capitalist.

I’m a design thinker.

I’m a maker and a shaker.

I’m an asset.

I’m a generalist.

I’m a collaborator.

I’m a leader.

I believe we have an opportunity to design a truly better future for everyone.

I believe leveraging the power of enterprise is more realistic path to positive impact.

I believe businesses now, at long last, are incentivized to do good.

I believe good design is good for people is good for business.

I believe in making things that [responsibly] shake the world.

I believe in hard work and that employing relentless energy pays off.

I believe to thrive today, you need to wear many hats.

I believe realizing a truly impactful vision demands cross-discipline partnership.

I believe that good leaders lead with empathy, and making truly sweeping, positive changes require leaders who inspire those around them with compelling vision.

My strengths.

product management
digital strategy
UX design / design thinking
ML & AI strategy
project management
people manager
data analysis
thought leadership
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