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Reimagining Facebook for Business for tens of millions around the world.


Meta for Business was once a static, poorly organized, un-personalized repository of content. We transformed the experience into a product that's dynamic, deeply personalized, predictive, proactive and action-oriented. The project involved an entirely new design system, refreshed content strategy, a totally reimagined user experience, including:

• a personalized "business plan" and onboarding flow that dynamically generates set of goals and steps to help businesses of all shapes and sizes know what to do to next to advance along their journey and grow;

• machine learning-powered recommendations to help users discover the most relevant content, programs and events;

• a streamlined, more accessible support experience with new self-resolution flows and tools designed to help businesses get unblocked and growing.  

  • Conceived the strategic vision and led overall digital strategy.

  • Co-led content, user experience and design strategy.

  • Managed and oversaw development.

  • Co-led development of KPIs and measurement strategy.

  • Led rollout and go-to-market efforts.

  • Developed comprehensive post-MVP roadmap.

  • Leveraged insights to evolve and optimize the experience.


Since the MVP launched in early 2021, the reimagined Meta for Business experience has helped tens of millions of businesses around the world understand what to do next, take meaningful actions to help them grow, resolve support-related issues, and discover and consume the most relevant help, informational and inspirational content. The new experience saw double digit increases in meaningful engagements, product actions, returning users and user satisfaction, led to significant cost savings and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in new incremental revenue.

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