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Designing for a better democracy with TurboVote.

project description

SAP's Design & Co-Innovation Center helped a NYC non-profit, Democracy Works, address low turnout rates among first-time voters in the United States via their flagship service, TurboVote. We did it by helping them better understand the people they want to reach, suggesting improvements to the TurboVote digital experience, and proposing a variety of tactics and strategies to boost engagement, conversion, and exposure.

  • Positioning and growth strategy

  • Content strategy, UX/UI writing

    • Proposed new user flow, refined language/tone, created new inline help/clarification, improved completion experience and "next steps".

  • User research

  • Created project assets, including reports, case study, videos, and award submissions

what I did

First-time voter info graphic.

User interviews.
Insights from user research.
Mobile democracy.
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